National Dental Assisting Examining Board
Bureau national d'examen d'assistance dentaire


Candidates who are unsuccessful on the NDAEB written exam and/or the Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) have the right to appeal their results or to have their exam papers rescored to confirm the reported score was accurate.

Written appeals or requests for rescoring must be received at the NDAEB office no later than thirty days after the date appearing on the results letter. Requests for rescoring must be accompanied by a $160.00 (CAD) fee, by money order or bank draft only. Appeal requests must be accompanied by a $210.00 (CAD) fee, by money order or bank draft only. The NDAEB does not accept credit or debit cards, personal cheques or cash for re-scores or appeals. The fee will be reimbursed in full should the appeal be granted.

The NDAEB Appeals Committee will hear all appeals received within 30 days following the deadline date. A written ruling will be provided to all appellants.

In the event a written exam paper is rescored resulting in a passing score being awarded, the candidate’s file will be amended to reflect a successful examination.

Candidates whose appeal is granted as a result of conditions that existed during an exam sitting or CPE session which, in the opinion of the Board, attributed to the candidate being unsuccessful, may have the unsuccessful attempt expunged from their file and will be afforded another attempt on the written exam or CPE at no cost.

The NDAEB reserves the right to determine whether conditions under which the exam or Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) were taken may have contributed to a candidate’s unsuccessful exam or CPE. The Appeals Committee will be provided with information gathered by the NDAEB Chief Administrative Officer/Registrar following receipt of an appeal.

NDAEB policy does not permit the granting of a passing score and the issuing of the NDAEB certificate, or letter confirming completion of the CPE, to candidates who were unsuccessful on the written exam or CPE, except if a rescore confirms a scoring irregularity occurred. In order to attain the NDAEB certificate, candidates must demonstrate their competency by successfully completing the exam and or Clinical Practice Evaluation.

Appeal and Rescore Fees

Application Method
Written Exam Appeal
Written Request/Money Order or Bank Draft
CPE Appeal
Written Request/Money Order or Bank Draft