General Information for Canadian Dental Assisting Graduates


To be eligible to write the NDAEB examination, applicants must be qualified as intra-oral (Level II) dental assistants, through formal dental assisting education. At minimum candidates must show proof of formal education in the following mandatory skills:

  • Chairside dental assisting (Level I)
  • Exposes dental radiographs
  • Provides oral hygiene instruction
  • Provides dietary counselling relative to oral health
  • Applies and removes dental dam
  • Performs selective rubber cup polishing
  • Applies anti-cariogenic agents
  • Obtains preliminary impressions
  • Applies and removes matrices and wedges
  • Applies treatment liners (no pulpal involvement), acid etch and bonding materials
  • Applies pit and fissure sealant
  • Applies desensitizing agents
  • Applies topical anaesthetic
  • Performs tooth whitening using trays
  • Performs suture removal

When submitting your application, we require documentation verifying enrollment/completion of all areas of education. This includes Level I Diploma or transcript if applicable, as well as proof of Level II education completed.

Should the NDAEB conclude that your dental assisting education does not include all mandatory skills listed above, to become eligible, you will be required to complete voluntary formal education upgrading for the missing skill(s). Formal upgrading courses must be successfully completed, prior to the exam sitting, at a program whose graduates are eligible to write the NDAEB exam. Upon submitting your application, proof of completion or proof of enrollment (with start and expected completion date) must be provided. For mobility purposes, you are recommended to attend a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). Information regarding education programs is available on the NDAEB website.

Students may apply for an examination before the completion of their program. For students applying before graduation, a letter from your school confirming enrollment and course completion date is required along with your application. Your course completion date must be before the examination date. (Ask your program coordinator/instructor for an individualized letter).

Please Note:

Graduates of a Quebec dental assisting program are not eligible to write the NDAEB Written Examination since the NDAEB cannot confirm the entire contents of Quebec programs. The NDAEB will recognize the education as comparable to a Level 1, chair side dental assisting education program if diploma was issued by Le Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisirs et du Sport du Québec (Ministry of Education).

In order to qualify to write the NDAEB exam, you must successfully complete formal upgrading at a dental assisting education program whose graduates are eligible to write the NDAEB exam. Your upgrading program must include all mandatory intraoral skills including "Expose dental radiographs."

For full details regarding the NDAEB Written Exam application process, please refer to the Candidate Handbook for the Written Exam available on NDAEB website.