General Information for Graduates from Outside of Canada

For information, please contact the Administrative Coordinator at: [email protected].

Candidates educated outside of Canada are considered International applicants. Qualified persons educated outside Canada may apply to write the NDAEB examination. Applicants must be prepared to provide proof of education which is substantially equivalent to the NDAEB standard.

To be eligible to write the NDAEB examination, applicants must be qualified as intra-oral (Level II) dental assistants, through formal dental assisting education or other formal allied dental healthcare educational programs such as dentistry or dental hygiene. At minimum candidates must show proof of formal education in the following mandatory skills:

  • Chairside dental assisting (Level I)
  • Exposes digital radiographic images
  • Provides oral hygiene instruction
  • Provides dietary counselling relative to oral health
  • Applies and removes dental dam
  • Selective coronal polishing
  • Applies anti-cariogenic topical fluoride gel
  • Obtains preliminary impressions
  • Applies and removes matrix band and wedge
  • Applies treatment liner
  • Applies pit and fissure sealant
  • Applies desensitizing agents
  • Applies topical anesthetic
  • Performs tooth whitening using trays
  • Performs suture removal

The NDAEB written exam constitutes Part I of the mandatory two-part NDAEB certificate for international applicants. Part II requires the successful completion of the NDAEB Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE). (For details on the CPE, please see the CPE Candidate Handbook located in the Clinical Practical Evaluation tab).

International applicants may choose to attend intra-oral (Level II) upgrading at a Canadian dental assisting program rather than challenge the CPE. Upgrade programs must include the following intra-oral skills:

  1. Exposes digital radiographic images
  2. Applies and removes dental dam
  3. Selective coronal polishing
  4. Obtains preliminary impressions
  5. Applies treatment liner
  6. Applies and removes matrix band and wedge
  7. Applies anti-cariogenic topical fluoride gel
  8. Applies pit and fissure sealant
  9. Applies topical anesthetic

Applicants choosing to attend academic upgrading in lieu of the CPE are advised to attend a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). Please refer to the list of schools on this website.

Applicants should be aware that while the NDAEB recognizes upgrading completed at schools listed on its website, some Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARA) may require non-accredited program graduates to complete the Clinical Practice Evaluation prior to considering them for licensure or registration.


The NDAEB requires applicants to be educated to perform the mandatory skills as the operator as opposed to assisting a dentist with the procedure.

For full details on the NDAEB's Candidate Eligibility Assessment process please follow the appropriate application procedure listed on this website.


For information, please contact the Administrative Coordinator at: [email protected].