The National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) continues to monitor the national and international concerns related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our first priority remains the health and well-being of our candidates, our examiners and our staff. We also care about our partners and stakeholders and our ongoing cooperation.

Following is the latest information related to NDAEB examinations and clinical evaluations:

  • The June Written Examination and June AND August Clinical Practice Evaluations have been
  • Candidates who registered for the March 2020 sitting of the written examination, which was also cancelled, are currently being scheduled for an examination in late June primarily utilizing on-line proctoring. This sitting is fully registered.
  • We are currently surveying DA programs who normally would have completed their programs in June, to determine when the best possible NEW examination date would be for the most candidates. We are calling this sitting the “Next Available Exam” until a firm date can be established.
  • The NDAEB closed registration for three weeks, in early April, to build a new on-line registration system that allows us to register candidates remotely (as we are prohibited from attending the workplace as per Ontario government requirements for COVID-19).
  • On-Line Registration is now open for written exam candidates so that they may register for the ‘next available examination’. We do not anticipate this examination being offered before sometime between late August and early October depending on the needs of DA programs and as determined by the survey.
  • The ‘next available examination’ will be via computer-based testing in computer testing facilities so as to address social distancing concerns and allow NDAEB to access non-public testing facilities.
  • We do encourage early registration for candidates who are able. Early registration allows us to assess demand and begin scheduling of examination centres. It also will allow us to contact candidates directly so as to provide them the latest information. However, candidates are not required to register at this time if unable to do so due to finances. Candidates may register up to 6 weeks before the exam once the date of testing is determined. Registering sooner than later will also help candidates schedule their exams at a convenient time. We anticipate well over 1200 candidates will register for the ‘next available examination’ and schedules are likely to fill up quickly.

Important Reminder:

The NDAEB's requirement for all exam eligible dental assisting programs remains unchanged. All theoretical and practical components of the curriculum must be taught prior to the issuance of a diploma, to maintain exam eligibility. To the extent that programs are able to teach theoretical components on-line, we support this approach as being necessary under the circumstances.