Clinical Practice Evaluation


General Information

The National Dental Assisting Examining Board is recruiting intra oral dental assistants (IODA) for the position of Clinical Practice Evaluator.  For more details, please read Call for Clinical Practice Evaluators.

NDAEB believes that the health and safety of our candidates and staff across Canada comes first.  As Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines continue to change, and in keeping with current local and/or national health officials, under great consideration, NDAEB has temporarily suspended Covid-19 vaccination requirements. While NDAEB will continue to support full vaccinations, candidates will not be required to show proof of status in order to be registered for the CPE.  Please be advised, this is subject to change pending direction of local and/or national health officials.  Candidates will be notified if there are any changes.

For information on the Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE), please contact the CPE Coordinator, Qaya Renwick at:  [email protected].

The NDAEB developed a Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) for use by Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARA) in the licensing/registration of dental assistants. See the CPE Handbook on this site for general information.

Photographs of instrument and supply tray setups are available on this site. Please note: the photos represent generic setups. All evaluation sites may not provide exact instrument and supply items as shown in the photos. Some items may be substituted for similar instruments or materials.

Some CDARA require graduates of Canadian non-accredited and out-of-country educational programs to successfully complete a two-part NDAEB certificate to include the written examination followed by the CPE. To confirm the requirement for the CPE in your province, please refer to the Registration & Licensure section of this website for DARA contact information.

The Clinical Practice Evaluation includes the following nine (9) skills:

  • Skill 1: Exposes digital radiographic images
  • Skill 2: Obtains preliminary impressions for study casts
  • Skill 3: Applies and removes dental dam
  • Skill 4: Selective coronal polishing
  • Skill 5: Applies treatment liner
  • Skill 6: Applies and removes matrix band and wedge
  • Skill 7: Applies anti-cariogenic topical fluoride gel
  • Skill 8: Applies pit and fissure sealant
  • Skill 9: Applies topical anesthetic


For information on the Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE), please contact the CPE Coordinator, Qaya Renwick, at: [email protected].