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NDAEB News for Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) - New 2018 Digital Radiography

This is an important notice to all candidates who may participate in the NDAEB’s Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE).

The NDAEB will launch Digital Radiography as of January 1st, 2018. From this date forward, candidates for the Clinical Practice Evaluation will not expose film, and “Skill 1 - Exposes Dental Radiographs” will change to: “Exposes Digital Radiographic Images”. This will be in effect for the first time at the 2018 February/March CPE session.

Please see the Clinical Practice (CPE) site or the CPE 2018 Candidate Handbook for more information.

Revised Domain Description for Dental Assisting - Effective January 2017

In 2014/15, the National Dental Assisting Examining Board conducted a thorough review of the Domain Description for Dental Assisting. The Domain forms the basis of the national exam and is used in exam development; by dental assisting educators; and by dental assistants and international applicants preparing to write the national exam.

The reference document used in the review was the 2014 National Occupational Analysis Report (NOA). The data included in that report was compared to the existing Domain Description. The review concluded that for the most part the 2010 Domain Description accurately reflected the current knowledge and skills reported in the NOA. The most notable changes made and approved for the new Domain Description are:

  1. Applies Acid etching and cavity bonding
  2. Removes sutures

In addition, "Assists with placement of dental implants" was added as a section within the document.

During this domain review process, stakeholders were invited to provide feedback on the proposed revisions. Those recommendations were received and incorporated into the draft document. The revised Domain Description was presented at the NDAEB Annual General Meeting in June 2015, and approved in October 2015 following a final opportunity for stakeholder input. The revised Domain Description has been posted to our web-site here.

This Domain Description will become effective on January 1, 2017. The NDAEB will begin to test to the revised standard on the March 2017 Written Exam. The revised Domain Description will not affect the Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) at this time. Should any future changes be made, stakeholders will be advised in due course.

Please note the following overview of the eight areas of the revised Domain Description, including the 2016 test blueprint weightings for each:

Domain AreaTest Blueprint Weighting (%)
1. Conduct Appropriate to a Professional Setting5-10%
2. Dental Sciences7-12%
3. Clinical Support Procedures5-10%
4. Patient Records5-10%
5. Patient Care Procedures40-50%
6. Practice Management Procedures5-10%
7. Laboratory Procedures5-10%
8. Preventative Procedures15-20%

The revised Domain Description may affect dental assisting education, particularly programs that do not presently include the additional core skills in curriculum. Non-accredited programs submitting curriculum documentation for the years 2017 and beyond will be required to include the additional content to assure continued exam eligibility for their graduates. We expect accredited programs will follow direction from the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada regarding additions to the national standard.

I wish to thank our Chief Examiner Donna Selski and her committee for their diligent work drafting and revising the new Domain Description, as well as individuals and stakeholder organizations for taking part in the Domain Description review process.

The next review will take place in five years, at which time, stakeholders will again be invited to participate.

The NDAEB is confident that the revised Domain Description for Dental Assisting will serve the dental community well into the future.

Stephen Grundy
Chief Administrative Officer/Registrar

2014 Dental Assisting National Occupational Analysis

In 2014, the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) and the Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA) commissioned a National Occupational Analysis (NOA) for Dental Assistants in Canada.

The NOA study was conducted by the Psychometric Strategies and Research Inc. to determine if the definition of an entry level dental assistant in Canada has changed as compared to the 2007 National Occupational Standard. The study involved currently practicing dental assistants from across Canada who reviewed the current occupational standard, and reported the current knowledge required in the workplace, the tasks performed, and the frequency and importance of each. The data gathered resulted in the 2014 National Occupational Analysis Report.

Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (DARA) will use the data to determine if amendments need to be made to the definition of the entry level dental assistant, as set out by the 2001 Mutual Recognition Agreement for Dental Assistants.

The NDAEB will further use the data to determine if the national examination reflects current entry level dental assisting practice in Canada. Validation of the report will be conducted in early 2015 by comparing the current NDAEB Domain Description to the knowledge, task and sub-task statements listed in the 2014 NOA report.

Note: any changes to the Domain Description, which may affect education programs curriculum, will be communicated with all stakeholders a minimum of one year before changes become effective.

*For information on provincial legal-scope-of-practice or other DARA matters, please contact the regulatory authority or association in the province you work in. A list of Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities can be found on our website under Registration & Licensure.

Application Delivery and Deadlines

The NDAEB is not responsible for the delivery of exam and CPE applications to its office in Ottawa. Candidates are responsible for shipping their applications in time to reach the NDAEB office by the deadline date and time. Application deadline dates are advertised on this website and are listed on exam and CPE application forms. Deadlines are strictly adhered to without exception.

Applications must be received at the NDAEB office in Ottawa by mail, courier or hand delivery by 4:30 p.m. Eastern time on the application deadline date. Applications received after the deadline date will not be processed and will be returned to the sender without exception. We do not accept applications by email, fax or means other than mail, courier or hand delivery.

Shipping applications with a reputable national courier company is highly recommended.

Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Date:Friday, June 16th, 2017
Time:9:00 a.m.
Location:Lord Elgin Hotel
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Ottawa, ON
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Room: TBA
 RSVP to the NDAEB office.